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When availing this offer, customer agrees to comply with the terms and conditions specified. All Postpaid customers are entitled to a Globe Rewards treat on their birth month. In the case of multiple accounts, the birthday treat will be sent to the customer's oldest mobile number. To claim their birthday treat, customers must present the QR code by clicking the link sent via text message on their birthday month. Data charges may apply. The birthday treat and corresponding QR code can only be redeemed once.

Customers may choose to use a screenshot of the QR code for convenience in redemption. Discounts and freebies are not exchangeable for cash. Customers are entitled to any tall handcrafted beverage of their choice. Starbucks Reserve beverages are not valid for redemption. Redemption is exclusive for dine-in and take-out orders only. Free Tall handcrafted beverage will not earn a Beverage Star.

Upsizing of the free Tall handcrafted beverage is not allowed. Customers cannot gain SBUX stars from this campaign. In case of non-receipt of your birthday SMS, call for verification. This really give us other veterans a bad name and image. You are not homeless, why are you doing this? I am a Veteran and I take advantage of what others offer Vets and I also thank those businesses for their generosity and commitment in supporting the Vets. They are veterans. They deserve everything free for the rest of their lives for the sacrifices they made.

Take it all…. They deserve to be treated way better than they are. My rule is, whatever I get for free from restaurants, I give back to the waiter in their tip. Danny if you spend your life worrying about what others do. What kind of life would you have. Are you a chronic complainer?

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They are entitled. No theft no crime… I go out with a crew of vet friends. I may visit a restaurant twice. If my daughters want something or my wife wants something.. What if these people that do that gave it to some of our homeless vets? No harm in that! Not all the homeless vets have a way to to these places. So ooh rah! Enjoy Veterans Day! Let them. Thank you for posting this list. I still tip the wait staff because they still need to be paid.

I am not rich and I know she has money to pay her own tip and chooses not too. Yes, some vets take advatage, but not all.

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Thank you for showing us your gratitudet, it means a lot. Veterans complaining about another Veteran taking a thank you gift? Why be so petty and judgmental? Who anointed anyone else the police for taking thank you gifts of meals? Once upon a time, no one did anything for the Veterans. It took many years before any business started saying thank you.

For the veterans who served before this, you bet they are appreciative and they enjoy the day. It is one day they can be publicly proud of their service and receive a bit of a thank you.

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Do not begrudge them. Disabled Gulf War here — I agree. My dad was Marine Corps Gunny from multiple Vietnam tours. Definitely no ticker tape for those guys. They were to live in shame by protesters back home.

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I Thank and Appreciate all the restaurants who provide freebies on this day. To each is on, you enjoy it your way and let others enjoy it theirs. So eat up, eat up, and if you got room eat up. Yes you should tip good servers. I do go to a double of restaurants on veterans day. I also get a haircut. But I also patronize th ese restaurants during the year to show my thanks. I appreciate the restaurants that offer there thanks to a veteran.

I am a Vietnam vet. And I may go to a restaurant this Veterans Day and will appreciate That fact that they are thanking me.

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Did 6 years in the Navy. Over 20 years later enlisted in the navy reserves, right before Volunteered to do what I could. Never once have I expected anything free or a discount on a purchase.

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I enlisted in the service, before me you were drafted. Still no one is entitled to anything. I appreciate being thanked for my service and if there is an offering I will accept it with gratitude. Again, never will I expect anything, I did a job, took my paycheck, moved on when I was done. Navy, 12 Years, There is a blessing in being able to give something to someone in appreciation.

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For businesses to offer free meals, hair-cuts, car washes, etc. But there is also a blessing in accepting these gifts of appreciation. So if a business is blessing you with a freebie, you are blessing them with your acceptance. I for one take advantage of these blessings. Usually a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Love and blessing flow in many directions! I think some Vets are just overjoyed about the offerings.

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It is fun. One Veterans Day I drove around my mom and she got lots of freebies until she was tired. Another Veterans Day we got nothing but were grateful for the offerings. This Veterans day she got a few things. But her soul was settled to know that she and other military were cherished. I applaud all of the places that took time to give honor and encouragement.

Self-sacrifice and service are traits to be applauded. I also appreciated the atmosphere; in these uncertain times you can get much safer that being a restaurant full of military. I appreciate those businesses that provide freebies or discounts, and especially Home Depot and Lowes who do this every day for products to the military. Darryl, many major professional sports teams have military appreciation events or offer discounts to military members.

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westgate town center coupon code Westgate town center coupon code
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