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Crab meat and spicy tuna inside a button mushroom, lightly fried and topped with aioli and sweet soy sauce. Ginger Chicken Roll. Ginger and asparagus wrapped in chicken delicately fried and dressed with ginger-teriyaki sauce. Agedashi Tofu. Crab Under Fire. Cannon Ball. Lightly battered, deep fried cream cheese, crab meat scallions served with blackberry puree sauce. Jalapeno Bomb. Shrimp and Vegetables. Chicken and Vegetables. Side of Sauce. Sushi Rice. Udon and Noodle. Udon Noodles. Vegetables Udon. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura Udon. Seafood Udon. Yakisoba Noodles.

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Vegetables Yakisoba. Beef Yakisoba. Chicken Yakisoba. Shrimp Yakisoba. Vegetables Fried Rice. Beef and Vegetable Fried Rice. Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice. Shrimp and Vegetable Fried Rice. Vegetarian Maki. Sweet Potato Tempura. Classic Maki. Tuna Or Salmon.

Spicy Tuna. Una - Q. Spicy Tako. Salmon Avocado. Spicy Salmon. Salmon Skin. Negi Hamachi.

Aha sushi coupon

Shrimp Tempura. Spicy Scallop. Spicy Crawfish. Crab and cucumber topped with avocado, drizzled with wasabi may and topped with black tobiko. Shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado with crunch, drizzled with sweet soy sauce. Alternating eel and avocado over shrimp tempura and cucumber, drizzled with unagi sauce. Black Widow. Spicy scallop and cucumber topped with alternating eel and avocado, drizzled with unagi sauce and layers with black tobiko.

Hamachi Hana. Spicy tuna, cilantro topped with alternating avocado and hamachi drizzled with a spicy ponzu sauce, layered with red tobiko. Aha Ninja. Special mixed crunch flakes, jalapeno, cucumber, spicy tuna, topped with tobiko and drizzled with chili sauce. Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado and crunch topped with wasabi tobiko, drizzled with sweet soy sauce and wasabi mayo.

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Crazy Roll. Tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado, cucumber, crunch flakes and endives wrapped in soy paper and drizzled with spicy may. Shrimp tempura, spicy crunch mix and cucumber topped with crab drizzled with spicy mayo. California Crunch. Crab meat, avocado, cream cheese lightly battered and fried drizzled with sweet soy sauce and spicy mayo.

Spicy tuna and jalapeno rolled then covered with crunch flakes, drizzled with a spicy mayo and sweet soy. Shrimp tempura, avocado topped with tuna, crunch flakes and masago, drizzled with wasabi mayo and sweet soy. White Dragon. Eel, avocado and sliced jalapenos topped with super white tuna sliced almonds and drizzled with unagi sauce. Cy Sake. Crab meat, avocado topped with baked salmon drizzled with sweet soy sauce ,masago.

Fresh salmon over crab meat, avocado and cucumber drizzled with fresh lemon sauce. Snow White. King Kong. Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, crab and avocado, lightly battered and fried served with spicy mayo and sweet soy. New Orleans. Big Mama. Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, asparagus lightly battered and fried drizzled with sweet soy sauce and wasabi mayo. Chicago Bears. Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, and asparagus topped with crawfish and shiitake mushroom, drizzled with sweet soy sauce, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo.

Fire Cracker. Lightly battered spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado, asparagus, shiitake mushroom, crunch flakes and wasabi tobiko, wrapped in soybean paper and drizzled with wasabi mayo and sweet soy. Honey Fire. Tamago, shiitake mushroom, tempura crunch topped with spicy crab sliced jalapeno and tobiko, drizzled with sweet soy sauce, spicy sauce. Krunch Melt. Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese crunch flakes, baked with mozzarella cheese, and topped with sweet soy.

Tokyo Drift. Spicy crab, cucumber, avocado, topped with seared spicy tuna, crunch flakes, drizzled with sweet soy.

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Black Hawks. Real snow crab, jalapeno, avocado and cucumber topped with spicy tuna, red tobiko, spicy mayo, chili sauce. Ocean Drive. Hamachi, tuna, cilantro, avocado, green pepper dressed with a lime reduction and chili oil. Latin Heat. Super white tuna, green pepper, cilantro and avocado wrapped in soy sheet drizzled with red pepper ponzu sauce and wasabi tobiko.

The sushi is really good here and at a very affordable price. While the atmosphere is pretty basic and a little quiet and the service is very basic, as well, I still very much recommend going. Ahi Sushi Japanese restaurant, Philadelphia, PA, services include online order Japanese food, dine in, Japanese food take out, delivery and catering. You can find online coupons, daily specials and customer reviews on our website.

Sushi's sushi is both healthy and tasty, making it one of the most popular sushi spots in San Clemente. Save money on a sitter? Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to. Find great things to do. See all 20 photos. Aha Sushi. Tips 8 Photos 20 Menu Aha Sushi. Ranked 3 for sushi restaurants in Gurnee. Filter: miso soup sushi good for dates trendy family-friendly healthy food spicy tuna authentic good for groups sunsets ponzu good for business meetings good for special occasions appetizers 9 more.

Log in to leave a tip here. Sort: Popular Recent. Rebecca Yin July 30, Best quality sushi in the area imho. Jason Luke January 25, Best Sushi! My favorite sushi place! Allie McCormack December 27, Miso soup and the ponzu appetizer were delicious! Looks like they brought back some items from the old menu.

aha sushi gurnee coupon Aha sushi gurnee coupon
aha sushi gurnee coupon Aha sushi gurnee coupon
aha sushi gurnee coupon Aha sushi gurnee coupon
aha sushi gurnee coupon Aha sushi gurnee coupon
aha sushi gurnee coupon Aha sushi gurnee coupon
aha sushi gurnee coupon Aha sushi gurnee coupon

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