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Mary Ann Kaufman introduces the natatorium at the December, groundbreaking event. On the balcony level, standing-height countertops allow spectators to plug in devices and enjoy snacks. The nine-lane, Olympic-size pool offers three sides of seating for up to 1, spectators. Those on the second level can stand at a long countertop and observe meets while enjoying a coffee or snacks from the concessions stand.

The second floor also houses a full kitchen, eating area, entertainment room, swim shop, party room, and weight room. On the first floor, a large window offers views between the competition and development pools. The smaller pool also has a parent lounge with a viewing window.

Oak brook aquatic center coupon

Both pools have LED lighting, as well as an energy-efficient mechanical system that keeps the air as clean as possible and minimizes chlorine smell. The eight-foot-high clerestories windows that wrap the top bring more natural light into the facility. Members of the FMC Aquatics community officially kick off construction of the natatorium. Several speakers at the groundbreaking mentioned the many rewards of swimming: adults can heal, relax, and socialize, while children learn time management and teamwork.

All swimmers, however, profit from the physical fitness benefits that the sport offers. Well, here we are.

Get scared out of your pants at one of these spooky venues.

FMC Natatorium at Ty Warner Park is the realization of a long-time dream of coaches and swimmers in a community with a strong swim legacy. Contact us to learn more about natatorium and aquatics center design or comment below to share your thoughts on this post. What will the diving facilities look like? Will there be a separate diving well? How many 1M and 3M boards will there be? The diving facility is incorporated into the main pool at the deep end.

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There will not be a separate diving well. There will be three 1-meter diving boards and one 3-meter diving board. Legat Architects, When building a state of the art facility why would you not include towers in the design of a pool that is to be a major part of the community for the next 45 years?

Family Aquatic Center | Oak Brook Park District

In order to accommodate a diving tower, both the height of the building and the depth of the diving well would have needed to be increased. These substantially higher initial and ongoing expenditures made having 1- and 3-meter boards most economically feasible for FMC Natatorium at Ty Warner Park. With the 1-meter and 3-meter boards, we will be able to train and promote diving to area youth, as well as host high school, Division II and III diving events. FMC Natatorium looks forward to working within the community to provide many aquatic opportunities.

What is the location for this new facility? Thanks much! Looks great for swimming. Wish this new facility was forward-thinking and was designed as a potential diving venue as well. We need towers in the suburbs if we want our divers to dive in college anywhere. This is the perfect opportunity for that. Wish you would reconsider before ground is broken. I have been waiting years for a facility.

I would love to get my children into early swim classes. What age groups are the swim classes planned to be for? Programming for swim classes will begin soon. The center will offer classes for children of all ages. What is the cross measurement of the main 50m competition pool? What was the thought process for including nine lanes instead of the standard eight or ten lanes? Many goals were considered in the functional design of the pool. The design of the pool itself was to be versatile in hosting a variety of events and training set ups.

We feel a 25 yard by 9 lane 50 meter competition pool with two movable bulkheads meets these needs. The cross course set up being 25 yards does allow two 10 lane 8 foot wide competition pools. Note: If we added another 8 foot lane in the 50 meter setup, we would have lost the ability to go 25 yard cross course. This would have limited us in several ways both in hosting events and training sessions. The FMC Natatorium team is currently working on programming for the facility.

A Masters Swim program is definitely part of their conversation. You can also reach out directly to the Natatorium this way. One issue at big events is traffic and pedestrians. Looks like you will have a lot of cars waiting for pedestrians crossing from the main parking lot. Batting Cage — 2 Baseball, 2 Slowpitch and 2 Fastpitch. People Trails — On Hawcreek Ave.

Location: 25th St. Location: On Locust Drive. People Trails Kiosk — trail head with map and People Trail rules. Classification: Mini Park Developed Park:. Location: 9th St.

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Developed Park —. Shelterhouse 1 — Electric, Grill, Not available for rent — first come, first served. Classification: Community Park Undeveloped Park: Location: At N and Marr Rd. Location: North of Pence St. Apartments East on State St. Developed Park: 2. Location: Fairlawn Dr.

Swimming Lessons/Aquatic Center Oak Brook, IL

Developed Park: 8 Acres. People Trails — 2. Park Listing.

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Mill Race Park. Blackwell Park. Clifty Park. Harrison Ridge Park.


Rocky Ford Par 3 Golf Course. Donner Park. Mead Village Park. Ninth Street Park. Blackwell Park Jessica Prowant T City Cemetery Jessica Prowant T Clifty Park Jessica Prowant T Restrooms 1 — Closed during the winter. Volleyball Courts 4 — Lighted. Basketball Court 1 — Lighted. Donner Park colparksandrec T Pickleball Courts 2 — First come, first served. Restroom 1 — Closed during the winter. Everroad Park Jessica Prowant T Shelterhouse 1 — Not available for rent, first come, first served.

Lincoln Park Jessica Prowant T Softball Fields 6 — Lighted.

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