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If you are a follower just leave me a comment. If you blogged about my giveaway go ahead and write two comments. Thanks for all your support! And thanks for all the birthday wishes! Good luck everyone! I wanted to share an activity I did this week during our writers workshop time. We first talked about what a small moment was and I used my cute poster I had made. Then we read the story. Some of your are going to gasp when you hear where I was yesterday Yes I went up to school and organized, organized, and did more organizing! I decided it was time to organize all my cabinets.

I am constantly organizing the kids stuff, but my stuff gets thrown to the side. The first thing I organized was my personal books. I bought some cheap file organizers and some cute paper. Here is how they turned out:. We are getting ready to start our unit on family, Indians, and Pilgrims! I like to start off talking about our own families first. Then we are able to compare and contrast our families to the Indians and Pilgrims. We will be first reading some books about family and completing the following writing activity:.

Holiday Freebie. The bagels were a success! My students were very excited and since we have last lunch !!!

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I think they are expecting something tomorrow too, oops I think I started a bad habit! Any who Here is a holiday writing freebie I create! I am planning on using this writing activity when we get to America next week! And yes I have school next week, until Thursday! I can't believe it either! Oh well what can you do Management Routines We talked about management routines and how important they are to teach explicitly and model them.

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We walked them through how to teach a routine, using the following steps:. I modeled how to enter your classroom in the morning and went through each step of the process. Some teachers might think this is a little much for each and every routine, but it is so important! It will save you tons and tons of instructional time down the road!

Next we talked about different routines that happen during arrival, daily, and dismissal. We aloud them to share out and talk with people at their table to get more ideas. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations. Finding JOY in 6th Grade. It's a Shark Week Blog Hop! The Inspired Apple. Technical Difficulties! One Extra Degree. Repurposing Decor for Vocabulary Instruction. Rambling about Reading. Currently November. Me and My Gang. Twins, Teaching and Tacos. Ch, Ch, Changes. Sailing Through 1st Grade. Classroom Photos. Math Coach's Corner. Earth Day Freebie. Fonts for Peas. For writing conferences, the kiddos usually let me know who needs a conference when I do a check in when I walk around the room.

I have a few kiddos who always need a little extra help at the beginning of Writer's Workshop, so I usually start with those kiddos. Let me say that I used to go to the kiddos for conferences. It is a little less disruptive. That being said, I am no longer a new teacher. Getting up and down off the floor is I have to say that I love Mars. It is in front of my CAFE board, so the kiddos can easily reference the reading strategies that we are working on. Everything I need for reading and writing conferences is right there! The drawers to the left hold games, writing materials, whisper phones, etc.

Everything I might need for conferences or groups. The drawers on the left are color-coded to match my group colors. When I do my small group plans, I put everything that I plan to use in the drawer for the group. When I am done, the materials get filed away in the crates on top, or in the drawers! I have my labels clipped to the front of my binder, so I just have to glance at the label to keep me on track!

Each kiddo has their own section in my notebook. I use the labels to take notes during my reading and writing conferences.

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Then, when I plan my next conferences, I can see who I have recently conferenced with and who still needs a conference. I don't put labels on the kiddos individual conference forms until the end of the week. I can check for who I already conferenced with, who still needs a conference, or who I want to check in with during conference time. If you are interested in the binder that I use, you can find it on Amazon affiliate link :. Like what you see? Want to see more? Join my e-mail list to keep up with everything going on here at Primary Planet including exclusive freebies! This post first appeared at Primary Planet!

Labels: Reading and Writing Conferences. And any time teachers need fresh material, what do they do? We steal, borrow, and take good ideas from real-life experiences - and sometimes our friends and colleagues. Well, I happened to have the real-life experience of strongly disagreeing with my teenager step-son on one particular point. Most of us probably do with our teens. You see, three years ago, I got a step-son who lives for fast internet and all-night playing of video games. Since knowing Drew, I have slid in comments here and there about the negative effects of video games.

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Busy in K. Arti Mimpi Serigala - Membeli sebenarnya sehari-hari tindakan yang umumnya dilakukan melalui wanita. Siapa yang tidak ingin melihat? Baik, jika Anda menemukan Anda membeli keing A Teacher's Touch. One Extra Degree. Down Under Teacher. Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten. Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. Confessions of a Teaching Junkie. I promise to get back in the swing of things though. Have you heard The Lesson Guide. Don't Miss our Cyber Sale! Don't miss saving up to Posted by The Lesson Guide on Sund Little Birdie Secrets.

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second grade blogspot freebies Second grade blogspot freebies
second grade blogspot freebies Second grade blogspot freebies
second grade blogspot freebies Second grade blogspot freebies
second grade blogspot freebies Second grade blogspot freebies
second grade blogspot freebies Second grade blogspot freebies
second grade blogspot freebies Second grade blogspot freebies
second grade blogspot freebies Second grade blogspot freebies

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