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12681 Washington Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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The best 5hing about it is that it is next door to Outdoor Grill. Come and get 6our car washed while you have a great lunch and save some time. Adam: I have two cars washed here every week.

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I use a coupon and every 10th wash is free They do a good job. It's a game Adam, it's a game. Seth Argabright September 12, Usually I have a good experience here, but I went once on a Wednesday for the special, and they tried to pressure me for an expensive treatment I didn't need. They usually take about 25 minutes or so for a hand wash.

Dirty Car Detailing - Full Interior Exterior Deep Cleaning of a Volkswagen!

The manager always pressures you and tries to upsell you and it is quite irritating. Kyle Gato December 27, Great place! Adalid Aranda February 7, They do a really good job with my car. Eric Oxenberg December 20, Homan Taghdiri May 7, Audrey Wu September 5, Jeremiah Maudlin March 6, Lauren Balson October 24, Free car wash with oil change! Emi Garcia November 10, Go on Wednesday to save some dough. Jackie Hesley November 8, Oil change gets u a free car wash.

Takes forever mins and they always pressure you to upgrade. Go elsewhere.

Handy J Car Wash & Lube in West Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Kane April 13, After several letters to the business and talking to the manager asking for the repair costs, I now have to go to court in order to get my money for the occurred damage. So, if you like your car, don't ever go there!!! Top not attention to detail. NEVER disappointed. I brought my Mustang Pony in for a detailing, and right away, I noticed that the work started off with the slapping of dirty, sand-containing floor mats against grime-encrusted wheels and sheetmetal hello scratches. The worst part, though, was that when the work was finished, the special brushed metal emblem was missing from the driver's side floor mat.

The supervisor denied that it had happened, too. The prices are decent, but my wheels have a tendency to build up grime that has to be scrubbed. Some times the washers clean it up nicely; other times they claim it can't be scrubbed off. Put simply -- I ventured to this car wash since it is in my neighborhood and is a hand-wash.

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In hindsight I would've been better off going to a cheapie gas station car wash While watching the wash process I noticed that the workers washing it will wash the bottom of the car where major debris typically resides and then work their way up. Any car wash worth your money knows that if you don't want to get scratches, you wash top-down. Washing bottom up loosens the major debris from the bottom into their wash mitts and turns their mitts into scratch pads.

Sure enough, when I inspected my car when it was completed, my passenger door had been plastered with scratches. The attendent was pretty useless in remedying the situation. I'll spend more time and money working the scratches out with Meguiar's products than I wasted at this car wash. If you have an old beater and don't mind new scratches, go to this place; Otherwise, avoid it.

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  6. I was headed toward another car wash, one highly rated on Citysearch, but I couldn't find it. I naively figured that one car wash was as good as any other and I pulled into Handy J. I waited about ten minutes for somebody to come over to my car and take my order, and then I went inside to the cashier.

    Everything was decent so far. Then came the waiting. I expected to wait, because it was a Saturday morning and most car washes are very busy on weekends.

    If you agree please let us know, and if you disagree let us change your mind!

    I saw the attendant going over my car with great detail and I was rather pleased that he would spend so much time drying it The attendant tries to put it back on, but to no avail, and I don't see it anymore. He then proceeds to put his hand in the air to tell me that my car is ready, and I still see dirt on it.

    I ask him politely if he would mind cleaning the back windshield again because there is visible dirt, and he smiles. Then he half-heartedly wipes a towel over the windshield, shrugs, mumbles something in Spanish and walks away. I get in my car and see my symbol under the emergency break.

    Handy J Car Wash

    Now you tell me - wouldn't you rather them acknowledge that they messed up and try to fix it, rather than hiding it and hoping you wouldn't see it? I go to the cashier, she mumbles something incoherent and points at a guy walking by - who's already going to get the Krazy Glue. Maybe this happens more often than they'd like to admit. Five minutes later, I'm still standing with the rude manager who looks annoyed that I even dared to ask him to fix a mistake his business made.

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