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This model uses unique technology to offer the most comfortable and supportive running experience for women. The integrated knit eye that sits around the ankle offers a flexible and adjustable fit. The running shoe is designed for movement and will not cause discomfort during your workout. The Brooks Levitate 2 features a unique Achilles Guard, which is a soft foam wrapped in faux-suede that is designed to protect and support the Achilles tendon during movement.

There is a range of cute colors available, including pink, purple and turquoise as well as neutral gray and white. These running shoes can suit any workout outfit you may have planned and have been designed for crossing training, long-distance treadmill or road runs. Specially designed for high energy return Unique technology to support Achilles tendon Comfortable and flexible running shoe Suitable for long-distance running on roads or treadmills Cute color range available.

What’s the best women’s running shoe?

The Brooks Levitate 2 uses unique technology and DNA to support feet during movement and has been designed for long-distance running. This running shoe has been designed to help you perform at your best when working out. The stellar cushioning and streamline design is supportive and comfortable for feet during movement. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 has been made for running on the road with its structurally supportive materials.

This running shoe is made from breathable mesh fabric that is adjustable and moves with your foot for a comfortable running experience. The complete fabric insole makes these running shoes comfortable to wear, even when running on the road. It also features a removable foam insole that can increase support and will mold to the shape of your foot. The Adrenaline GTS 18 features a durable outsole that has been designed to withstand repeated wear and will last you a long time.

The best running shoes 12222: Go faster and longer with our top picks for all distances

This makes these running shoes great value and an excellent investment for roadside runners. Designed to support your movement and performance Breathable mesh fabric is flexible Durable outsole that can withstand repeated wear Fabric insole is comfortable to wear Features unique Brooks technology for additional support.

The Adrenaline GTS 18 has been designed with specialist technology to support your performance and help you work out better on the road. This model of running shoe features gravity-defying cushioning and excellent response to support your movement. You can actually feel the power with each step you take, allowing you to workout to the best of your ability. The lightweight, flexible cushioning is suitable for roadside jogging.

It supports your feet during movement and keeps your feet secure. These running shoes have been designed to withstand a lot of activity as the outsole is abrasion-resistant. The outsole is HPR Plus rubber, which is a specialized material suitable for running shoes. The Launch 5 features Brooks technology to support your feet during movement and aid your performance. The running shoe is designed to support your natural motion path and is super comfortable to wear.

The Blown Rubber featured at the forefront of the shoe is designed to support toe lift-off, to make sure your run gets off to a good start. Excellent response to your motion and performance Lightweight and flexible cushioning Durable HPR Plus rubber outsole Features specialized Brook technology to support all areas of the feet during movement Incredibly comfortable to wear. This specialized running shoe features iconic Brooks technology to support all areas of the foot before, during and after a run. The Brooks Women Adrenaline GTS 18 has been designed to promote stability and aid your performance when on a roadside run.

The fabric and mesh structure is flexible and supportive for your motion during a workout. This running shoe has been designed to withstand repeated use and will keep your feet secure. This model features unique Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology, which is a tri-density midsole that has been designed to promote pronation control. This technology also offers smoother transitions during movement. The Adrenaline GTS 18 will support your feet during all areas of running.

The full-length, segmented Crash Pad ensures smooth transitions and keeps feet safe and supported when jumping or moving from surfaces.

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This running shoe features a deeper V-groove in the external layers which provides better release and can improve transitions. This model of shoe covers all aspects of movement and is designed to keep feet comfortable and supportive even on long-distance runs. Designed to promote stability and aid performance Suitable for long-distance roadside running Features unique technology to support all areas of the foot Outsole designed to provide smoother transitions Incredibly comfortable and supportive.

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This running shoe features unique Brooks technology to support all areas of the foot and is incredibly comfortable to wear. The Brooks Ghost 11 is a running shoe that has been specially manufactured to provide you a smoother ride and improve your performance with each workout. The soft, secure fit of these running shoes ensures comfort and stability. The newly engineered mesh outer layer practically disappears into your foot, molding to your natural shape.

Featuring the specialized Brooks Segmented Crash Pad, these running shoes offer a smooth and stable ride on most roads. This crash pad is an integrated system of shock abrasions that will support your feet even when jumping from surfaces or changing terrains. There is a range of unique color schemes available in this model to ensure that there is a running shoe for everyone. Both DNA technologies work together to provide just the right level of softness under the foot, without making you lose balance or responsibility.

Best Brooks Men's Running Shoes -- 6 Best Brooks Running Shoes For Men

Specially manufactured for a smoother ride Secure fit of shoe ensures it is comfortable for all Segmented Crash Pad makes a smooth and stable ride on most terrains Features two Brooks DNA technology for soft support Great color scheme. The Ghost 11 features unique and updated Brooks technology to support your feet and offer a smoother ride on roadside terrains. This running shoe is suitable for both long and short roadside runs. It features unique cushioning technology to keep your feet secure and comfortable at every mile. As it provides comfort at literally every step of the way, this running shoe can contribute to your performance.

If you want to beat your personal best each time, then these are the running shoes for you. This particular technology has been manufactured and improved to offer more support. These running shoes have a secure and plush fit. The next-generation 3D Fit Print technology in the upper will move with your foot and mold to your shape. There is a new plush transition zone from heel to toe within this running shoe, which makes every movement feel smoother than ever before.

The Launch 5 are incredibly flexible and supportive running shoes that make any distance roadside runs feel more comfortable and smooth. Uses new and iconic Brooks technology for support and comfort Designed to aid and improve performance Suitable for long or short roadside runs Super DNA insole provides more comfort than any other shoe Flexible and supportive running shoes.

The Launch 5 features some of the best Brooks technology to improve your performance, support your feet and keep you comfortable. The Brooks Ghost 11 running shoe features a lightweight construction to provide a smoother ride from heel to toe. With a smoother ride, you can take your performance to the next level every time and beat those personal bests.

The shoe offers medium arch support and has a soft fabric liner for maximum comfort when worn. There is also a removable foam insole included, making the shoe adjustable and even more suitable for movement. This insole will mold to the shape of your feet and support your movement during a run. This gives the shoe a great gender-neutral cushion and contributes to a dynamic ride. As with most Brooks running shoe, the Ghost 11 features a full-length Segmented Crash Pad to accommodate any foot landing or transitions across surfaces.

There is a great range of bright colors available in this model as well as some unique patterns, ensuring there is something for everyone. Features a combination of Brooks DNA to support your movement Contributes to a better performance Incredibly comfortable running shoe Great range of colors and patterns available Excellent arch support, as well as cushioning heels and toes.

This running shoe features some of the best Brooks DNA technology to support your feet and improve performance on the roadside. The Brooks Ravenna 9 have energized rush technology and responsiveness to keep you going every step of the way. This model is one of the lightest running shoes available, making your run smoother and more comfortable than ever before.

The shoe offers a responsive ride and is very easy to control. A springy underfoot allows you to work harder without the pain. The Ravenna 9 also features a Midfoot Transition Zone, that is a specially shaped from heel to toe to support all areas of the foot. There are three great colors available; black, blue and pink with their own coordinating themes ensuring there is a running shoe to suit your style or workout wear.


As they are lightweight and molded to support your movement, these running shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear and do not require a breaking in period. You can get out there straight away! Specialized rush technology and responsiveness for better performance Incredibly lightweight for smooth running Features iconic Brooks DNA technology for comfort and support Great color range available for style Super comfortable shoes.

Customer's Top Picks

The Brooks Ravenna 9 is super stylish and incredibly lightweight running shoes that support your feet and keep you comfortable every step of the way. These running shoes are specially designed for roadsides and will keep you going mile after mile. They are incredibly lightweight, featuring springy and responsible technology, to deliver a smooth ride and swifter transition. The Ravenna 9 running shoes are perhaps a great option for beginners to the sport.

They have great abrasion and will keep steady on the sidewalk. As they are lightweight, they can really make a great difference to your performance and will keep you going for longer. The Midfoot Transition Zone has been specifically shaped to fit from heel to toe. This provides quick transitions and easy movement. They have a Diagonal Rollbar that offers additional support and contributes to the smooth transition. Shop Clothing Clothing. Catch Cookout. Sort by: Best Selling.

The best running shoes Go faster and longer with our top picks for all distances

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